levi’s drawing skills


levi’s drawing skills

Changmin when asked about his favorite food:

“If I were to only choose one, that is too cruel….honestly, I like everything.”

2013年5月3日 ジェジュンファンアット♥

2013年5月3日 ジェジュンファンアット♥


Lesbian couple? Oh no.. Lol.


นี่มันน่ากลัวเกินไปแล้ว ; w ; 


changmin won 5-4 afterwards though. minho…have you gone crazy?



photo credit to: -junxiu & 4ktfe5


let’s hope hiro loves him more than jiji and vick ever did.

Kim Jaejoong - Stay
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Jackal’s OST - Stay 

I really wished this song had been released in Y because it’s obviously Yunhotic  . The following lyrics are translated by my Korean friend .. 

I’m here to stay 너를 기다리고 있어 그때 그대로

I’m here to stay 너만 기다려 그대로

I’m only you 오지 않을 거라고 알고 있어도

잊으려 하는 내가 더 아프잖아

Hey, I’m gonna tell advice(?) 다신 날 볼 수 없단 그 말은 하지말아

평생 너만 바라보고 여전히 변하지 않았어 Why don’t you know I am

I’m here to stay ,I wait for you as I was that time

I’m here to stay, I wait for you as I was

I’m only you although I know that you’re not coming back

I feel more pain for I try to forget about you

Hey, I’m gonna tell advice Don’t say that you can’t see me again

I will stare at you forever and I haven’t changed yet Why don’t you know I am…

Trans by yj5294